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Patent Prosecutors Beware –Catalog Distributed to "Members Only" is Indeed a Printed Publication

A catalog distributed at a members-only trade show is a printed publication under 35 USC § 102(b). The Federal Circuit vacated and remanded a Board decision finding that an IPR challenger's catalog distributed at a trade show was not sufficiently available to the general public to qualify as a printed publication.  The Federal Circuit found that the Board failed to cite any cases where the Federal Circuit has "strictly held that the expertise of the target audience is dispositive of the inquiry of accessibility."

Prosecution, Inter Partes Review
Author: Cynthia M. Bouchez, Ph.D.

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CRISPR – Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

On January 18, 2018, the European Patent Office (EPO) revoked European Patent No. 2,771,468 (“the ‘468 patent”), one of the original CRISPR patents.  The ‘468 patent was ultimately revoked by the European Patent Office because the Broad Institute could not establish a right of priority to their earliest U.S. Applications.

European Patent Prosecution, CRISPR
Author: Melissa J. Pytel

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